Medochemie & Pfizer partner in Vietnam


24 January 2019

On January 10th 2019 in Hanoi, Medochemie and Pfizer Vietnam announced their first strategic partnership on a technology transfer, according to which Medochemie will be manufacturing Pfizer’s innovative medicines in Vietnam.
Since 2009, Medochemie has significantly invested in Vietnam in order to develop three state-of-the-art pharmaceutical production facilities, with a total area of 63,500 square meters at the Vietnam - Singapore Industrial Park 2 in Ho Chi Minh, Binh Duong province, where Pfizer’s products in the therapeutic areas of anti-infectives, cardiovascular, and pain management, will be manufactured.

Ms. Daphne Pittas, noted: «the partnership provides impetus to the local pharmaceutical industry’s capabilities in manufacturing complex medicines such as oral dosage and injectable cephalosporin». She added that «Medochemie strongly believes in and will continue to support the scientific and technological advancement of the pharmaceutical sector in Vietnam, being an active member in the country’s industrial network and seeking to develop valued collaborations, such as this one».
Mr. Bradley Allen Silcox, Chief Representative of Pfizer in Vietnam, said that the partnership with Medochemie reflects the company’s commitment to the Vietnamese market. “We are grateful to the Ministry of Health and the government for their vision of improving the capacity of the pharmaceutical sector and for creating an ecosystem that gives patients quality care and treatment,” he added.
The Vietnamese Government, having a vision to boost and promote the development of the local pharmaceutical industry, salutes and supports this strategic partnership. With Medochemie’s contribution, Pfizer brings its global technology and operations platform of hard-to-make products, such as sterile injectables, to Vietnam, helping to raise local manufacturing standards to that of the international developed markets.
The success of this first event and the untapped potential for the organization signals the beginning of a new era and paves the way for more initiatives to follow.